Stone – Scissors – Paper Studio

Stone – Scissors – Paper Studio is a creative space for people of all ages who want to activate and develop their creativity.

Once you take up sewing you can’t help falling in love with fabrics: prints, florals, stripes, wovens; silks and linens; old and new. There are never enough and no studio could ever house them all. I want all of them and when I see each one I imagine what it could be made into.

I wanted to share this passion so I started giving sewing lessons. By learning to use a sewing machine, you’ll be able to make whatever you fancy, from a simple bag to the dress of your dreams.


At the studio there are lessons all year round, and intensive seminars.

There are morning and afternoon sessions, starting in October.

Private lessons are also available if you require a special subject that is not included in the regular lessons.

I’m happy to show you whatever you need.


The studio hosts various events, such as book launches, story-telling evenings, musical evenings and bazaars. These are opportunities to relax and share the pleasure generated by art.


Filasion 15, Ano Petralona, Athens

Stone – Scissors – Paper Studio is close to Petralona railway station (green line) and Kerameikos metro station (blue line).

Telephone: 6977420545 and 2103479334